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Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s one thing I dread most – what to wear?  I’ve been looking around in malls for weeks, yet have always been coming home empty-handed, so I had no choice but to browse online.  I’ve tried Forever21 and hoped that I’d find a cheap party dress, but alas, I found none.

Another one of my go-to websites for party dresses is ModCloth.  I have found some really nice ones but figured that they’re over my budget.  Not to mention the shipping costs that would seriously drain my wallet.  Good thing I remembered this one Multiply seller who now makes her own dresses, so I decided to have her copy the dress instead.

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress (front)

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress_back

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress (back)

This one’s by American indie designer Ryu.  Since she’s independent and I think she only lets Modcloth sell her dresses, there’s no way I’d find this dress locally.  This one sells for $89.99.  That’s roughly Php3,700, plus $45 shipping (or Php1,800++).  I wouldn’t spend that much on a party dress that I would only use once (or thrice).  I could justify the price for her designs, though, but I wouldn’t do that since I know I can have them locally made.

There’s a coat, another one by Ryu, that I’d hope to get but it’s for $174.99 (about Php7,200), so no thank you.  It’s really pretty, though.  Look!

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (front)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (front)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (back)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (back)

To complete the look, I’m opting for these heels (also by ModCloth).  They’re gold, ON SALE,  and look really fun to walk around in! 🙂

Cinnamon Scone Heels in Sugar (($41.99)

Cinnamon Scone Heels in Sugar (($41.99)

For other dress options, I had these.

Elegant Romance Dress

Elegant Romance Dress (front)

Elegant Romance Dress_back

Elegant Romance Dress (back)

Sequin Mesh Dress

Sequin Mesh Dress (from

Glitter One-Shoulder Dress

Glitter One-Shoulder Dress in Raspberry (from

What about you, what’s on your dress wishlist? 🙂


What’s in a name?

“Old School” may be overused but I figured, it’s very suitable for my store.

I grew up in a house turned preschool since my mom’s a teacher and she wanted to build her own school.  This school has expanded into something bigger so our family had to move out and leave everything else behind.  The preschool on the ground floor remains while our 2nd floor (where my room used to be) is being used as storage room.  This saddens me as I have so many memories from that place.

People who used to be my mom’s pupils now refer to the preschool as the “old school” (among others).  This is not how I came up with the name, though.  Since I’m going to sell pre-loved/thrifted/vintage items (however you want to call them) that I find in my closet and other thrift stores in the Metro,  I figured that I might as well open up a physical store at the “old school” while selling “old school” items.  Eh?  Eh?

Last Friday, April 27th, I finally decided to have a photoshoot at the old school with some of my 4th year HS students.

We did it indoors because there were just too much school materials (e.g. blackboard, toys, paint) that we could use for the shoot.  Here are some of the photos I took (and a teaser for what I’ll be selling).

Model: Danielle Atienza
Top: Forever 21 (for sale)
Bottom, accessories and footwear: Model's own

Model: Audrey Nicole Amores
Top: thrifted Raglan top (for sale)
Accessories: earrings (model's own); vintage gold necklace (for sale)
Bottom and footwear: Model's own

Check out this page again on Saturday, May 5th, for photos of the official “for sale” items! 😀

The Opening

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Blog

I’m (re)opening a new store (formerly “Costume Change,” now “Old School Thrift Store”) and decided to post photos and details here for the sake of my dear netizen buyers since I’ll be mostly selling stuff on the outernet.  If you’re from Bulacan (specifically in the Meycauayan/Marilao area), my store’s located on the 2nd floor at #38 Guilder St. St. Michael Homes, Meycauayan, Bulacan.

Do drop by this site every once in a while to check out items for sale – which will include thrifted items such as men and women’s apparel, bags and accessories – and promos.

Happy shopping! 😀