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A week ago, I posted about the dress I had made.  Tonight, the dressmaker e-mailed me the photos of the dress and gasp!  She did a really great job!  It was my first time to order from her so I wasn’t sure how she would fare but I followed my gut, along with her clients’ many wonderful reviews, and voila!  Here it is:


I cannot wait to try it on!  Now all I have to look for is a pair of shoes that would make this baby pop!  Happy Christmas dress-hunting everyone! 😀


Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s one thing I dread most – what to wear?  I’ve been looking around in malls for weeks, yet have always been coming home empty-handed, so I had no choice but to browse online.  I’ve tried Forever21 and hoped that I’d find a cheap party dress, but alas, I found none.

Another one of my go-to websites for party dresses is ModCloth.  I have found some really nice ones but figured that they’re over my budget.  Not to mention the shipping costs that would seriously drain my wallet.  Good thing I remembered this one Multiply seller who now makes her own dresses, so I decided to have her copy the dress instead.

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress (front)

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress_back

Ryu Flair of Mystery Dress (back)

This one’s by American indie designer Ryu.  Since she’s independent and I think she only lets Modcloth sell her dresses, there’s no way I’d find this dress locally.  This one sells for $89.99.  That’s roughly Php3,700, plus $45 shipping (or Php1,800++).  I wouldn’t spend that much on a party dress that I would only use once (or thrice).  I could justify the price for her designs, though, but I wouldn’t do that since I know I can have them locally made.

There’s a coat, another one by Ryu, that I’d hope to get but it’s for $174.99 (about Php7,200), so no thank you.  It’s really pretty, though.  Look!

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (front)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (front)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (back)

Ryu Meet in the Mezzanine Coat (back)

To complete the look, I’m opting for these heels (also by ModCloth).  They’re gold, ON SALE,  and look really fun to walk around in! 🙂

Cinnamon Scone Heels in Sugar (($41.99)

Cinnamon Scone Heels in Sugar (($41.99)

For other dress options, I had these.

Elegant Romance Dress

Elegant Romance Dress (front)

Elegant Romance Dress_back

Elegant Romance Dress (back)

Sequin Mesh Dress

Sequin Mesh Dress (from

Glitter One-Shoulder Dress

Glitter One-Shoulder Dress in Raspberry (from

What about you, what’s on your dress wishlist? 🙂

bazaar poster

December 1-15, 2012 at Switch St. Meralco Village, in front of St. Michael Academy